Trust Partnership

Trust Partnerships allow local authority-maintained schools (or academies with only one school) to trial membership of a particular academy trust and were initially developed by the sector in response to demand from schools. To encourage more academy trusts and schools to consider running trust partnerships, the department has produced a model trust partnership agreement, in close consultation with trusts and schools that have run partnerships in the past.


Delta Independent School – based in Consett, County Durham, focusing on developing and celebrating students as individuals and not just as learners. School leaders know that students learn best when lessons are matched to their needs and recognise that every student is different, some needing extra support and others needing to be more challenged.


Teaching and learning is based upon a broad, balanced and creative curriculum that is relevant to the experiences which prepare them for adult life. This is supported by a strong partnership between parents/carers and teachers helping students achieve their very best.

Wellfield School – based in Wingate, County Durham, focused on high achievement and success for all.


School leaders place an unrelenting emphasis on what happens in lessons because they know that high standards begin and end with teaching and learning.