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Our Vision

'Students First’

We strive that our Academies are an outward facing inspirational learning hub that allows all students and colleagues to achieve all that they can; have an ethos that ignites a passion for learning, discovery and creativity and nurtures a moral code and self-worth that stays with our young people all their lives.


Our Mission

To establish and manage a family of Academies where inclusive principles and academic excellence enables all students to learn within an environment of respect for themselves and others.


Our Aims:

  • To ensure our Academies are centres of excellence with a focus on the nurture and achievement of all their members;

  • To promote mutual support, encouragement and benefit between our academies;

  • To develop, as the core foundation of academic achievement, a strong culture of professional development among our staff;

  • To celebrate and maintain the unique identity of communities we serve with each Academy at the heart of its community;

  • To recognise and enable all those who often remain invisible, through ethnic or cultural disadvantage, or through disability or poverty to achieve their full potential.