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Leadership Team

Mr Karl Fairley, Deputy Principal at New College Durham is Chair of New College Durham Academies Trust. Mrs Christine Warren, Director and Vice Chair of New College Durham Academies Trust.  The two academies within the Trust are led by Mr Mark Gray, Principal (North Durham)  and Mr Tom Urwin, Principal (Consett).  Corporate Services which operate across both academies and provide Governance, Finance, Human Resources, ICT, and Estates functions is led by Mr Andy Collishaw, Chief Operating Officer.


The Chief Executive Officer is currently the designated Accounting Officer for the purposes of the Trusts Funding Agreement with the Education Funding Agreement. This designation confers legal responsibility for financial and administrative matters.


Chair of NCDAT: Mr Karl Fairley

Vice Chair of NCDAT: Mrs Christine Warren

Principal: Consett Academy: Mr Tom Urwin

Principal: North Durham Academy: Mr Mark Gray


Corporate Services

Mr Andy Collishaw: Chief Operating Officer

Mr Kevin Broadfoot: Corporate Director

Mrs Katy Fairley: Director of Human Resources

Mrs Christine Connolly: Executive Support Officer & Data Protection Officer